Natural Sadhana

~What spiritual practice can anyone enjoy, anywhere at any time, 
without depending on a religion, a teacher, or a belief?

Place mind in breath, and breath in heart, surrendering every effort 
to know anything other than the Presence of this moment.

~If the answer is so simple, then why is there so much stress and violence 
in the world?

Stress and violence are not caused by 'evil ones,' but by people who can't 
enjoy themselves. They can't enjoy Being because they are busy striving 
to be more than they are, better than they are, other than they are.

Such people are very idealistic. Have you noticed that those with the 
highest ideals and deepest beliefs cause war and oppression? We make 
war on others when we are at war with our own hearts. 

If we cannot accept ourselves with unconditional love, we strive to be 
someone more than we are, someone greater than ourselves. This very
striving causes stress in the whole structure of human consciousness, the 
underlying fabric of the world. Earth would be at peace right now if we all
stopped trying to be somebody else.

~Then what is the greatest service I can give humanity?

To embrace yourself. Give grace and beauty to the world by simply 
being You this very moment. Commit to your deepest, most natural joy.
You will share it with others through every smile, every glance of your
sparkling eyes. 

Please don't be divided by the effort to become someone else, someone 
'better'. Hugging yourself with limitless Being makes this ordinary day a 
miracle, turning boredom and discontentment to wonder. Follow your 
true nature. Be wonderful.

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