There Is No Other

This is the only commandment: don't 'other' anyone.

The most painful yet most healing embrace: there is no other.

The murderer is not other, the racist is not other, the oppressor is not other,
the rich not other than me.

The immigrant is not other, the stranger is not other, the poor and homeless
not other than me.

The Christian is not other, the Muslim is not other, the wholly Other
not other than me.

Earth is not other, new moon is not other, sun is not other, night not other,
Beloved not other than me.

Take courage, dear heart, see others as waves of your Self, reflections in the
mirror of your own pure consciousness.

Love the other as yourself, because the other is your Self.

Take courage, dear heart, see those who are hardest to love as rejected shadows,
cast by the Light you refuse to embrace as your own divine Radiance.

What is the difference if we say, "Om shantih, shantih, shantih,"
or, "There is no other, no other, no other"?


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