The Great Practice Of No Practice

Our common human practice is to avoid the suffering of the
present by imagining a better future or remembering a better
past. Thus we escape into time, and avoid the only real
opportunity to find freedom from suffering through the
practice of Presence.

The great practice is No Practice At All. The great practice
is to embrace what is, just as it is, with unconditional
acceptance. Another name for this is Love.

To welcome the flower of our pain, just as it arises, without
any attempt to control manipulate the experience, releases
the nectar of ananda, bliss. This is the greatest irony and the
deepest secret.

Unconditional embrace of what is already happening in this
moment is true meditation, and the only liberation.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe this or not. It doesn't
matter whether you decide to take up this practice or not.
You will enter this embrace anyway, without choosing it.
The compassionate process that is Life itself will make this
great practice, this state of absolute surrender, inevitable.
Image by my daughter, Abby, cover photo of my book, 'Wounded Bud.'

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