What The Frog Taught

No thing is more significant
than any thing else.
The daring leap of a tree frog
from the spigot of your garden hose
to her sanctuary in a pot of begonias
is as important as the birth of a nation
or a typhoon in Bangladesh.

The universe is not only as you see it,
but as the frog sees it.

Your attention, focused on an
infinitesimal event,
magnifies its significance.
Otherwise, it's no more relevant
than a leaf in the wind.

Nothing is more arrogant
than assuming that your concern
should be someone else's.

The highest form of justice
is letting others create themselves
instead of trying to convert them
to your opinion.

Allow everyone to follow
the wondrous river of their own interest.
You don't need to convince anybody.
Just bathe them in the light
of awareness.

A philosopher said, 'Be kind,
for everyone you meet is struggling
in a great battle.'
A carpenter said, 'Judge not,
lest ye be judged.'

Here's a new idea:
Stop trying to change each other.
That would bring the most
radical transformation of all.
A tree frog told me this
early on Sunday morning.

Have you ever walked the labyrinth?
You pass someone, never knowing
who is nearing the center
and who is drifting further away.
This is compassion: never knowing.

You are not a pilgrim in the maze, friend.
You are the labyrinth itself.
There is room in your own lost heart
for all who wander, pathless and strange.

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