Peace Prayer

Why do we wear outer garments of race, religion, and nationality? Simply to dance in a planetary multicultural interfaith festival. Differences are for celebration, not conflict. And these human waves of individuality all sparkle from one Inward Light, one center of divine consciousness, whose nature is love.

On this Sabbath morning, repose a little while in the silence of the heart. Rest in the healing breath of deep meditation. To taste your divine Radiance, even for a moment, is to end human violence. When we see violence, our anger and grief are sacred energies. But they can finally be breathed through, embraced, and transformed by a much wider space. For in the unified field of the all-pervading Self, it becomes so clear that wishing others harm is wishing harm to ourselves.

We are called by Christ to "love our enemies," not as a moral commandment, but as an awakening of our true nature. The "Other" and the "I" wear different costumes, but we are beams of the same Light.
I pray that you may be happy today, resting in your natural dignity, whether you are dressed in "white" or "black," "Christian" or "Muslim," "East" or "West." Meditate, radiate, and dance.

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