A First Day Walk In Love

On the first day of the New Year, go outside and take a walk. Walk in a new world, a world that crystalizes out of nothing this very moment, this very breath, a world composed of pure Love...

Which of course is this world, the world we hardly notice, just as it really is...

But before you take one step on your walk, you must see the simple truth. The creation all around you, along with the one who beholds it, are made of the same substance: pure Love.

You walk in Love. The ground is Love. Matter is Love. Mind is Love's moving stillness. There are no straight lines. Every motion is a swirl of return to Love.

Look at these earthly forms - trees, rocks, a dump truck, a port-a-potty, a broken bicycle in the milkweed. Each atom is hollow, yet brim-full with Love. Every boundary is a boundless fractal of infinite Love. All creatures swell with a breath of emptiness, lighter than space, and that emptiness is the fullness of Love.

You don't need to visualize this, because it actually Is. Just see it with the eye of your heart. Each cell of your body, each molecule of sod, each wave of fire in the vast silence of an atom, is pure Love.

We know from contemporary Western science that the physical world is an ocean of immaterial energy, pulsing waves in the vacuum. But waves of what? We can learn from the scientists of the East, whose instrument of research is meditation: the vacuum of empty space is awake. It is the space of awareness itself. And this space is your own awareness, witnessing the whirl of nebulae and galaxies, appearing and dissolving within your own stillness.

The vibrant silence of your awareness is the subtle essence, the God-stuff, that worlds are made of. And that subtle essence is the substance of both subject and object, spirit and matter; the current of power that runs through photons and stars; the sap of this flowering universe. It is who you really Are, and it is pure Love.

But what is the inner secret of this no-thing-ness, this emptiness, this space of Love? It is not mere oneness, but holy trinity.

The One is in Love with its Self: a trinity of Love in Love with Love.

This dynamic activity of Love-relation inside the stillness of space, reflects as a hologram in every particle of creation. Love at the heart of emptiness creates a virtual subject-object relation, sparking worlds into manifestation, so that Love can witness its Self as an Other, in myriad acts of perception throughout the cosmos, by countless sentient beings.

When you as a subject behold this snowflake as an object, Shiva makes Love to Shakti; the vine of Christ entwines the trellis of the Magdalene; Love falls deeper in Love with Love. When you are truly alive in Awareness, every perception you have is a blessing to the earth.

Now see the snowflake melt into Love. That Love is your seeing. Smell the cedar scent of Love in the Winter forest. Breathe. That sensation in your nostrils is pure Love. Look! Each hair on the trembling pelt of the doe who steals the last shriveled rose from your garden is composed of Love's electrons. Hear the scarlet-tailed flicker's piercing cry: she's dipped in the wine of your Love.

Now it is late afternoon, evening on the First Day. The darkness of Love descends, filled with stars. You are alone. You are the multitude. You are alone in the vast otherness of Love.

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