More Than A Lump

As soon as you become aware that "I am made of pure light!" countless hosts of sub-nuclear angels muster to your trumpet of intention.

Your flesh is composed of
celestial hierarchies, ranked according to the table of the elements, which are waves of bliss.

This explains the little rush and plume of gold that fountains from each dendrite in your cerebral cortex.

It also explains how you can move a mountain.
The material world responds to your intention. Earth is an extension of your body through divine antennae: seeing, hearing, tasting, smell and touch.

Send forth your messengers, O Eye, O Tongue, O sacred Nostril!

Even your pain is intensely luminous energy, sharpening your focus, melting ancient boundaries, removing the dross of thought, as long as you don't label it, "suffering."

But the moment you think, "My body is sick, I am a weak and fallen sinner," the heavenly hosts depart, and you are no more than a lump of uncooked bacon.

Engraving by William Blake

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