"...and the more souls who resonate together, the greater the intensity of their love." (Dante, Paradisio)

Are we not concentric spheres? Do we not contain and pulsate through one another, all from one center?

And what we call "time," is it not a throb of space, expanding to eternity and contracting to this now, each instant?

So you expand into God, and God contracts into your soul. You enfold me, I enfold you.

Having arisen from the same infinitesimal center, do we not expand to the same self-radiant sphere, awakening finally to know that we have always been in each other, for each other, through each other, one motionless eternally blossoming celestial rose?

O Dante! O Plotinus! O Scotus Eriugena! O Mira! O Theresa! O Rabia! O Giordano Bruno! O Spinoza!  O Wittgenstein! Have we not all cried, "Ana-al Haqq" with you, O Hallaj?

Our own humanity ignited us. Thus we became fire!

Painting by Cynthia Young

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