Free Energy is Virtually Here

Every home, factory, store, barn and warehouse will be equipped a little pole holding a sphere of metal alloy about the size of a golf ball. This little ball will tap into the infinite supply of energy in Pure Space: the energy inherent in quantum fluctuations of the vacuum.

We currently know that there are infinite virtual photons and electrons in every point in empty space. All we need do is convert them from potential waves of mathematical probability into particles, which is the essential process of Creation.

The field described in this way by quantum physics is also the essence of consciousness. Every mystical experience in the world's religions describes this source: from Buddhist "emptiness" (sunya), to Yoga's "seedless" (nirbija) samadhi, to Jewish Kabbala's "radiant no-thing" (ain soph aur) to the "unknowing" of the Medieval Christian mystics.

Now it is time to convert quantum theory to practice: a technology of limitless, free, clean energy that will transform the world's economy.

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