In Love

In love there is no distance or duration.
I am still drowning in the wild sweetness
of your smile.
Even if you forget, I do not forget.
I know that you entered the place in me
where breath disappears into never ending sky.
I entered the place in you
where the heart falls into an abyss of warmth.
We kissed the imperishable splendor.
One moment of love is eternal summer
where our fingertips still dance in each others palms
as we walk by the goldfish pool,
your head at rest on my shoulder.
Suppose the stars I visit all night long,
reciting poems to hungry creatures of fire,
are entangled in the fragrance of your hair,
entwined in that very briefness?
Would you not also say love burns
the past and future to nothing?

Photo: carp pond, Volunteer Park, Seattle, by Prima Seadiva

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