Taste of Love

Your child does not need a fancy school or fancy clothes or fancy vacations or a fancy house. Your child needs only one small treasure for a lifetime, and it cannot be purchased. Your child needs a taste of Unconditional Love.

Without a taste of that Love, we cannot feel at home anywhere, no matter how much wealth, status or education we acquire. A heart-worm of anxiety will spoil the fruit of every achievement, and a nagging question will haunt our days: "Am I really acceptable? Do I really have a right to be here? Am I not a stranger on the earth?"

Through that unanswered question, we will invent a culture, an economy, a religion, alienated from the Mother and alienated from the planet we walk on.
Yet with a foundation in Unconditional Love, yes, even the briefest taste in our memory, we will always feel a living Center within, a Sun behind the clouds. We will feel at home on the earth because there once was Love at home, and that Love ever abides in the heart.

I thank my father and my mother, despite all their human faults, because they loved me, just as I Am.


Painting: 'Mother and Child' (1892) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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