Mid-Summer's Eve

I live in a land of peace and beauty. When I need to be reminded of this,
I just turn off the internet, step outside in my bare feet, and look at these
flowers in my back yard. The golden ones are just weeds. But they too
have their blossoms.

Tonight, I'm sure that elves and elemental spirits will ring-dance here,
while in the black sky above, still tinged with turquoise at 10 PM,
Venus will dance with Jupiter, sipping from the cup of the New Moon.
It is Mid-Summer's Eve.

Tomorrow is the Solstice, the longest brightest day. It's also Father's Day,
when people will bathe me in love I did nothing to deserve. I will accept it.
Tomorrow, June 21, is also the International Day of Yoga, when we can
celebrate our wholeness as one human family. Let every barefoot step you
take upon the green earth be a prayer. Om shantih, shantih, shantih.

Photo: my back yard, taken by my daughter, Abby

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