Moon In A Spider's Web

Is there brilliance in the mind? Is the moon caught in the spider's web?

There is no such thing as a "brilliant intellect." To find brilliance, we need to transcend intellect. Brilliance comes from the Atman, the Self, who is far beyond and deeper than the web of thought. The hope of humanity no longer lies with intellectuals, but with intuitives, those who know how to transcend the mind, with all its belief systems. Music, poetry, art, the breakthrough in physics or technology, will come from a silence deeper inside than the intellect.

It is not that "I think, therefor I am," but that "I Am, therefor I think." The Am is self-luminous, illimitable, eternal, silent, free of thoughts, and unendurably blissful. Every thought perishes when awareness reposes in that ocean of light.

The art of transcending the intellect is meditation. But meditation is in no way "anti-intellectual." Meditation polishes the intellect and bathes the mind in light. Then, when we come out of meditation to engage in thought and activity, we may employ the intellect without getting stuck in it.

Om Namah Shivaya.

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