Tarot Card 322: 'The World'

There is absolutely no need to change the world. No need to change anything. The world is changing anyway, every moment dissolving and recreating. The world is the field of ceaseless change. So if I think I need to see more change, then it is my thinking and my seeing that need to change.
I get stuck in recurrent thought-loops and inflexible belief patterns. They may be "conservative" or "liberal," but if they are inflexible, then I am still stuck. I can be a stuck liberal just as easily as I can be a stuck conservative. I see the world through this stagnant mind and think the world is stagnant.
So the revolution must come in my awareness before I can see it in the world. To experience the revolution, I explode my mind through meditation, and blast the top right off my skull with the breath of Kriya. Then I can soar into the stars, and endless transformation happens. This is what it means to "become the change you want to see in the world."

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