Gift of Tears

"Few are those who shed tears of gratitude. There are so many tears of misery, but those few who shed tears out of love, they are like lighthouses for this planet. They are the purifiers for this planet. They purify their families, their traditions, their towns and villages, they re-purify this earth.
"If you sit and meditate, if you sing with your heart, you think that vibration just remains with you? No, it goes all over. You purify the whole atmosphere. Such moments of gratitude are a blessing for this planet. Such moments of deep love make our life worth living." ~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, commentary on Narada's 'Bhakti Sutras'
The early Christian saints of the desert tradition spoke of "the gift of tears," received in the Prayer of the Heart. Such tears are not ordinary tears, but tears of grace.
A tear is the sign of release, complete relaxation of all your efforts. In this very moment of surrender, consciousness instantly returns to it's ground state of boundless expansion, all-pervading and non-local. Yet this golden void of love must also be the ground-state of the universe, the unified field that, according to quantum physics, is the source of creation.
There cannot be two different voids, one inside and one outside, one in the mind and one in matter. Both are infinitely abstract, and there can only be one infinite abstraction. Therefor the void in meditation is the ground-state of creation, and every particle of matter arises from the silence at the center of a tear.
When love's teardrop falls, it carries you into such a silence that the whole universe trembles... Because the unconditional surrender of your heart IS that boundless expanse, that perfect void, that ocean of stillness whose waves (called "fluctuations of the vacuum" in quantum science) emit the subtlest particles of the material world.
One tear of your love cannot help but re-generate the earth.
Jai Guru Dev

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