As You Are

Its always tempting to believe in "another reality" just out of sight, beyond this world. But I can really only ever know one world, one reality: the projection of who I Am.
If I vibrate the light of heaven inside, I already dwell in the "higher world." If I attune to judgment, fear, and resentment, if I constantly diminish myself by playing the victim and blaming others for my circumstance, then I perceive only a world that reflects those qualities and attitudes.
That is why Jesus said, "The Eye (of Awareness) is the light of your body (material world). If your Eye is single (in the state of Yoga, Unity), then your whole body is full of light. But if your Eye is dark, then how great is that darkness!" (Mat 6:22)
Or as my first Teacher, Maharishi, simply put it: "The world is as you are."

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