Joy Is True Response Ability

"When all your desires are distilled, you will cast just two votes: to love more, and be happy." ~Hafiz

"Laugh, sing, dance, and meditate," says an ancient Sanskrit proverb, which is not only my spiritual path but my politics.
"That," one might say, "is highly irresponsible!"

But lasting political change is the fruit of love, not resistance. It is our joy, not our anger, that changes our adversary's heart.

Instead of street marches, hold street dances! Don't gather to protest, gather to sing! Create thunder through the silence of your meditation. Collect your softest breaths into honey; drip it upon lips parched by curses.

In these disturbing times, so many do not believe they have permission to be joyful.
They think they must save the whole earth, and wash the nation clean, before they can even smile.

But the deepest sign of Spirit is repose, innocence centered in the midst of turmoil, offering the radiance of a new creation rather than a cloud of ancient doom.
Friend, this is a planet that is only transformed through happiness.

To dance lightly in dark times is not irresponsible. Joy is true response ability. Can you respond, can you give anything at all, without a well of beauty, a fountain of delight, bursting in your chest?

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