"Christ" is the resonance of pure Love emanating from our awakened Silence.

Jesus was a simple man without a theology or belief-system, who spontaneously acted from the radiance of his Heart. He didn't have a plan, or know what he was going to say a moment before he said it (Mat. 10:19). Yet in that moment, the living Silence spilled from his lips in words of fire. He was immersed and surrendered in the ocean of Love.

For Christ, the radical act is simply to be present; the revolution is to breathe. For when you are truly aligned with the Kingdom of God within you, every breath is the Holy Spirit.

Through the flowering of Jesus, Christ became a unique and personal fragrance that still permeates the earth. Ever so human, like you and me, ever so divine, like you and me, he is imperishable all-pervading Friendship.

Christos, Buddha, Shiva - it matters not what name you use. The resonance of infinite unbounded Being through a finite form is the human work we are all about. Yet we bow to those who have fully embodied this play of divine love, for they show us who we really are. We bow in freedom.

"Christos" means "Anointed One." First, we meet the Christos reflected in an other. Then we imbibe the Christos in this breath. Finally we realize the Christos as our deepest Self. The Beloved's energy sustains us until we are anointed by our own radiance.

Breathe the same Spirit that Jesus breathed. Root down in silence and let Spirit-Breath nourish you with her sparkling sap. In Biblical language, Spirit and Breath are the same word. And in the primitive Church, the Spirit was the feminine power, the Shakti of God.

When She nourishes your silent root with her nectar, your Christhood will flower, and you will fill creation with your own unique fragrance.

Painting: face of Jesus by Rembrandt.

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Just the right day to read this - of course, every day is. Thank you.