When The World Is Out Of Control

People are so anxious these days, because the message they get from the world is that things are totally out of control - so out of control that no one can fix it.

This is exactly the right message for now. Settle down and receive it. Breathe it into your heart: the world is out of your control.

When we stop freaking out, we will get the next message, which is: "So what?" So what if everything is out of our control? Do you really want to control the world? Do you want an almighty leader to control the world? Which one?

Have you ever been in control? Are you in control right now? "Control is an illusion." That is the second message.

Finally, there's a third message for these times, one we can only accept when we surrender the illusion of control. The message is: "All we really have is our compassion, the brokenness of our heart."

We are here for compassion, not control. To love with every breath, to love with each small ordinary deed, even if the deed is merely listening.

You can spread the message of compassion. You must. The world is thirsty for it. You don't need to be a scientist, a politician, a guru, a social "activist," or a charismatic TED-talker. You only need to break open your heart and release the fragrance of love, in your own unique voice, your own royal gesture. With the generosity you are, breathe compassion.

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