Neither Light Nor Dark

One is so attached to the light of joy that joy becomes dry, with a brittle smile.

Another prides herself on embracing darkness, and becomes so heavy she drowns in it.

Truth is neither light nor darkness, joy nor sorrow, but the sparkling clarity of pure awareness.

Truth is Awakened Space, not the content within it.

Whether thoughts are light or dark, whether emotions are joyful or sad, these are merely the content of awareness, not awareness itself, which is ever boundless and transparent. 

When the space of truth awakens, that space itself becomes as solid as a polished diamond, while the forms that arise and dissolve within it are like a mirage, an evaporating mist.

Once truth is realized as the space whose vastness is independent of its content, there is nothing to grasp and nothing to resist. The continuum of pure awareness simply pervades all experiences, whether sorrowful or joyful, light or dark.

And since there is nothing to resist, awareness ever expands. The quality of boundless expansion is ananda, bliss.

Spacious ever-expanding bliss is the actual nature of Being, which is never limited or contained by the forms of joy and sorrow, darkness and light.

Bliss cannot be practiced, embraced, or remembered. It is the sheer grace of existence, this very moment.

What will you do? If you do anything, you are grasping, and truth will get away. If you don't do anything, you are resisting, and will never find it.

But if a way opens to dissolve the do-er, then there is a possibility that the sky will find you somewhere in the beauty of its vastness, just where you already are!

The final goal is to wake up before the journey begins. Silence is the wildest adventure.

Friend, let your heart be open, which simply means, refrain from closing it. For the ever-deepening adventure of silent awakening requires the courage of an open heart.

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