What Are They Murmuring?

Swallows, tree frogs, unborn children,
all singing, "Thank you!"
The rainbow weeping,
running its colors into one
pure light around your precious body,
and even this light whispering,
"Thank you, thank you"
as you fall asleep tonight,
remembering flecks of gold
on a broken tea cup,
the ancient glow in her eyes
over a candle,
discarded roses, fallen feathers
in a drain pipe, slivers
of crystal from a mossy stone
glanced in the woods,
the bones of a rabbit that crows
left in your sunlit birdbath,
all mingled somehow
in a single inward kiss
on your darkening brow.
What are they murmuring
when you close your eyes and
simply listen,
as only you can listen
with the silence you've been given
just for this?
"We are what is listening.
We are what is looking.
Thank you
for breathing us all."

Hubble photo of clustered stars

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