Children of the Sky

So many planets and suns, all sharing the same sky. So many opinions
and points of view, all arising and dissolving in the same space. This is
the space of pure consciousness.

We share an intractable expanse, yet we get trapped in the grids of polarized
energy that flow through our boundless freedom. Stuck like flies in the web
of conflict, woven of nothing but thought, we each cling to our limited
viewpoint, our belief, our tiny concept of what OUGHT to be, instead of
releasing our identity into the pure sky of what IS.

The breadth of a galaxy, the emptiness in an atom, the abyss or our own Being:
all one space. Yet this space must awaken. Only when space wakes up can
humanity know true peace. This is the elegant solution, the real "shift" into
a new world. It won't happen through politics, economics, or military power.
The shift is a gentle, graceful, foreground-background shift that happens in
consciousness itself. Beliefs, opinions and ideologies recede. Self-luminous
awareness, without any content at all, emerges into the foreground. Space
outshines what it contains, like dawn making 10,000 candles obsolete.

Peace on earth will dawn because we emerge from the clouds of belief into the
sky of awakened space, beyond conceptual thought. Boundless radiance, not any
fixed idea of ourselves, is our true nature. Not "in" space, but "as" space, we
contain one another.

The way-showers who guide us to this new world are not the intellectuals, the
thinkers, or the true believers. Our guides are the Holders of Awakened Space.
They may be our children. Quite often they are labelled as "learning disabled"
by an educational elite trapped in their own conceptual boxes. Why are these
children diagnosed with "Attention Deficit Disorder"? Because they feel an
unutterable yearning for expansion, transcendence, and pure awareness.

Do not drug them. Do not medicalize their condition, because they are here for
a noble purpose: to awaken space, soften our edges, shift background to
foreground, and illuminate all creatures in the clarity of pure Being.

Honor the Holders of Awakened Space, the Children of the Sky.

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