I turned off the news
last night.
It wasn't new.
I'm sorry that
I cannot join your
party on the right
or the left.
I’m sorry if this face
is not red with
righteous anger.
My beaten blood fills
both chambers.
The empty one says
"thank you"
to the one that pours,
then spills back the gift. 
My brain is busy
with forgiveness

in the dark.
Lighting 8 billion lamps,
I am all of us.

No need to say
what love is,
or even use the word.

It's been so long
since I have taken sides
that quarrels and feuds,
wars and Armageddons
seem like ripples
on a golden sea.
Now why don't
we just plunge
into each other's
trembling chest,
and drown?

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