October Afternoon

A bright cold clear October afternoon. Run in the park with my best bro', Finn, then come home to a guided meditation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. His tidal wave of gentle words: "The grace of Divine Mother flushes away the entire past and brings the freshness of this moment." As we enter the final day of Navaratri, the Nine Holy Days of the Goddess, I pray that we might all let this be our experience every day, every breath, every moment. Don't miss the juiciness and radiance of the world!

We superimpose our thoughts onto the cosmos, then mistake our mind for creation. But there are no concepts in the earth. There are no concepts in the stars. "White" and "black," "right" and "left," "socialism" and "capitalism," nor any "isms" at all actually exists out there in the Mystery, where the universe whirls in the grace of emptiness, through a wild eternity of silent wonder, getting on quite swimmingly without our little concepts. So let us meet in that wonder, strangers from nowhere, pilgrims to the present moment.

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