You Followed The Stream

You followed the stream of your mind to the place where thoughts arise and discovered the black hole of infinite love at the center of your soul. You became the silence prior to mind and your seed took root in the ground that never moves, never breathes, never has to think. Then you noticed that blackness begin to glow, that silence begin to vibrate with a sigh of joy, that stillness begin to dance. The surface of the black hole was covered with indescribably soft golden down, and that cotton fiber of pure light pulsing from darkness contained in its sparkling threads all the laws of physics. You saw that matter is woven out of that fiber, the very light of consciousness. You saw the physical universe well up out of the unmanifest vacuum. And then you felt the void pulsating in your heart and you realized that the cosmos is all happening inside your body, that every cell of your flesh is threaded to a galaxy, every atom woven with a star. Your body is sacred. It is a hologram. It contains the farthest depths of space where supernovae spill over the rim of time into the uncreated. Then you opened your eyes to a world that is no longer separate from your faintest most intimate breath, the breath of your heart. You saw a week-old dog turd on the sidewalk, covered in soft white cotton mold, and you felt like kneeling there and worshiping its divine beauty. You saw a tiny blue aster growing out of a crack in the asphalt and you wept with reverence. You saw the face of a baby gazing sternly at you from the back of a shopping cart, while her mother was reaching for lemon-scented Tide on the grocery shelf, and you recognized the whole lineage of the Shankaracharyas of ancient India blessing you with their darshan. Thus you became the stunned silent useless poet whose every breath is gratitude for this planet of miracles, woven of starlight.

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