Stars have a secret.

They are always tumbling

into orbits of glory.

They do not attempt to fly.

Darkness is their wing.


If you don't believe me,

you are still trying

not to fall.


Plunge more deeply

into the womb of night

and you will draw very near

to the radiance of your Birth.


Ah, so this after all is a poem

about the Nativity?

Now bend and listen.


You are not here

to save the world.

You are here to discover

that you Are the world.

You are compassion.

You are healing.

In you the mountains

are lighter than the sky.


Don't try to understand this.

Just fall in love with yourself

in every pair of eyes.

And however you may worship,

take a blessed breath

of the newborn light

that is never even one

moment old.

Art by Peruvian artist Artemio Coanqui


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