Night Meditation

Just before you fall
asleep tonight
perform sanyama
on my smile.
Glance only
for an instant
at love's ancient face
in the mirror of your heart
and I will fill your body
with the laughter
of the silent stars.
Long for me ever
so lightly,
then let me disappear,
a ripple in the moon
on a forest pond.
Drop my name like
a pebble in the pool
of your aloneness.
Where Breath goes
to fold her wings.
Turn this elegant mud
into a flower,
oblivion into a kiss.
Then forget, forget.
This too is sacred practice.
When you hear
the tender calling
of the midnight owl
and gaze into the dark
within, beyond
the glittering houses,
the constellations of time,
I will be there.
I will be there
and you will almost
but not quite

*Sanyama: a subtle practice described by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. At the most refined level of thought, on the threshold of the uncreated, drop a seed of intention into that fructifying silence, and let it go. In its very abandonment, you give the intention tremendous creative power.

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