Said My Flesh To My Soul

And so after thousands of years of religious struggle, the body and the soul were wedded in this magnum mysterium: the Incarnation.

With the humblest simplicity, the footsteps of the Master on earth demonstrated that humanity can no more be separated from divinity than the warmth of the fire from its radiance, or the color blue from the sky. Matter is pure awareness christallized in form to radiate light.

"Yes, it is true," said my body to my soul, "every particle is made of Mater, the Mother. Each atom is a cathedral where pilgrims arrive from the stars to celebrate the miracle of flesh. You irradiate the world through me. I am your dance. Let there be no more talk of our difference." Then my soul knelt down in the radiant darkness between heart beats, and my spirit poured back into its body, one breath offered to another.

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