Beware of One

Beware of the One.
It may become the oppressor.
Let a thousand bees
make this honey.
All is not One.
All is All.

 "Non-duality" is just a word. The fact that we have to say "non" means that the duality is naturally there as a part of consciousness.

For so long I mistook oneness for wholeness. Oneness ruthlessly annihilates relationship. But wholeness is the harmony of others and selves, drawing intimately near through love. I seek nearness, not annihilation. I seek intimacy, not submersion.

Virtual particles dance in the void, each part of the flower enfolded in the seed, all bija mantras vibrant in Om, many notes singing in the beauty of a single chord, each with its own distinct voice. We are all too wonderful to be annihilated in God: that is not why She breathes us into creation.

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Mystic Meandering said...

Oh - how beautiful!! Deep resonance in my Being! "'non-duality' is just a word.....I seek intimacy, not annihilation..." Yes...

Dancing, Dancing :)