New Year's Blessing

I wish you the happiest New Year. My first spiritual teacher, Mahesh Yogi, taught us the sacredness of midnight on New Year's Eve. Not a time for noise making, but a profound turning point in the heart of silence.

He encouraged us to spend that midnight moment in deep meditation, giving an impulse of Sattva, purity, to the whole coming year. Of course, one could do this any moment, but the moment our culture values as the end or beginning of a cycle in time becomes a sacramental portal to transformation.

Maharishi himself always spent the first seven days of the New Year in silence, stirring the field of cosmic creative intelligence from the deepest level.

As a pinch of sugar sweetens the entire pitcher of cream before it is poured, so the bliss of one Samadhi-moment permeates eternity. A breath of deep meditation elevates time, before and after. Our heart only needs to capture a single God-particle. That divine spark ripples out through rings of stillness into past and future, healing our ancestors, blessing our unborn children.

When the clock ticks from old to new at midnight, be immersed in the timeless. Rest in the void between one second and the next. Tap into the gong of golden emptiness, immersing yesterday and tomorrow in That which has no beginning, from whose womb creation arises.

On this sacred occasion, may you drink from the cup of quietness, and in the coming year, grow rich with the wealth of an awakened heart.

Jai Guru Dev.

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