Solstice Light

Solstice is a pause in time's turning, when we re-align our energies with the Sun in the Heart.
Peace on earth only comes as a reflection of our inner clarity. As long as humanity fails to touch the clear light of the Heart, there will be no peace in the world.

What keeps us from Heart alignment? Our own mind: this clouded lens, smeared with anger, fear, and blame.

If we look through a cloudy lens, everything we see is blurred and dark. The world appears to have many problems. But there is really only one problem: this mind. To a fearful mind, the whole world looks frightening. To a bitter mind, everyone seems to be wrong. Negative thinking tarnishes all creation.

Many of us work at polishing the lens. But can a lens polish itself? Light is not attained through any mental self-effort. Clarity is much more graceful and astonishing than anything the mind could manufacture through its own work. We don't have to labor at cleaning this lens. We can just drop it and start seeing through the 20/20 vision of the Heart.

We've all heard of the "third eye" in the head, but few know that there is a more powerful eye in the Heart. The Eye of the Heart doesn't need any other light to see by, because the Heart radiates its own light, effortlessly. This light is Awareness itself. It is Christ in You. Christ is the splendor of a fully awakened human heart.

We are invited to see all creatures bathed in the clarity of our inner Light. Yes, the Master said, "I am the Light of the world." But he also said, "You are the light of the world"? (Matthew 5:14)

May the solstice Light shine from within, and bring you a truly happy New Year!

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