3 A.M. You Fall

"I have only one confidant, and that is the silence of night."
~Søren Kierkegaard
3 a.m. You fall into the groundless abyss of the heart. You are a wounded darkness gushing light. Winter invites you in, a breath of silence, whispering, "Don't mistake emptiness for lack. Emptiness is rich."

You are here to be a light stream. But a stream only flows when there is an opening, and opening is emptying. How can light stream through you if you are not dark and hollow, like a root going down into the earth?

Our culture has become clogged with its own desperate seeking for something, anything, a "thing" to fill our space. But our space is sacred in its hollowness, free of content.

We have turned our experience of "emptiness" and "loss" into negatives, associated with poverty and lack. But our inherent lightness, our essential freedom, bubbles out of what isn't there, not what is. Even physics points to this truth: matter is mothered by the vacuum. A particle arises from a wave of no-thing.

Jesus "Blessed are the poor in spirit." He was not speaking of material poverty, but the sparkling self-radiance of an inner joy that does not depend on having, but Being.

Embrace loss and generate wealth from the empty bowl of your heart. Embrace darkness and become a stream of light.

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Filly Rowes said...

Stunningly beautiful.....the hollow vessel..'Embrace darkness & become a stream of light' - Pure alchemy. Thanks for your words. Perfect for now.