Open Secrets for Every Child of the Coming Age

These are the Laws of Perfect Joy for every child to learn before their teachers and their schools burden them with knowledge.

1. The Radiance of the Divine is not above you, beyond you, not after your death. It shines from the center of your own heart, now. You are not a reflection of the Light, a seeker of the Light, or an offspring of the Light: you ARE the Light.

2. To begin your duty on earth, you will need a daily practice of meditation that is effortless, natural and energizing; a quiet time dawn and sunset when you sink into the Beauty at the center of your heart. The beginning and end of all spiritual practice is to rest in the heart. This is your Sabbath, attuning you to your Source, by grace. Every good thing you do for humanity will come from this connection to inner silence.

3. Doubtless there are great injustices in the world, but your life will never evolve as long as you waste your days blaming the "other" for your sorrows. A life stuck in blaming the forces outside you, is a life that has not begun to live itself.

4. You blossom as You by taking personal responsibility for the present situation. In the complex sequence of causes that brought you to this moment, the primary cause was a choice you made by your own free will.

5. Your capacity to heal the earth is in direct proportion to your capacity for Wonder. Your most creative state will not be a state of knowing or believing, but a state of bewildering Beauty, when the mind empties itself of all knowledge and belief. Let yourself dissolve into this moment of Wonder. It is the portal to eternity.

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