Phi & the Wonder of Proportion

All is proportion. That is why the black hole at the center of a proton contains the total information of the universe, and your body is made out of distant galaxies. If you doubt this, even your doubt is filled with stars whose radiance is still traveling toward you. But don't take my word for it, just observe the hollow space in your own eye, and you will pass through light-years in a glance of self-awareness.
"There exists a fantastic Phi relationship between the Equilateral Triangle and the Circle that goes around it: Insert an equilateral triangle inside a circle, add a line at the midpoint of the two sides and extend that line to the circle. The ratio of AG to AB is Phi.

"This only goes to show that Phi or the ubiquitous Golden Measure exists in all shapes, in all dimensions, in all forms. Since the Triangle has a Phi relationship, then the Jewish Star of David must contain this Phi-ness, so must the 3-dim form of the triangle: the Tetrahedron, which is the basic building block of all atomic structure. Thus Phi (1:1.618033) is in all things.

"It is also scale-invariant, meaning that Phi exists in the infinitely small atomic worlds or the infinitely large galactic worlds. Yet its starting point was the humble triangle, the first 2-dim form that God could create." ~Nassim Haramein

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