Moment of Awakening

There are moments of awakening when the silence of our Being speaks more wisdom than all the words of the Gospel. When the silence of our Being radiates more compassion than all the Sutras. When the silence of our Being vibrates more creative energy than all the mantras of the Rig Veda. But most of the time, we fear to plunge into the groundless golden void that longs to hold us, to breathe us, to refresh us with astonishment. We willfully overlook the magnetic thirst that emanates from our very core. Instead, we try to grasp the fleeting sparks of the peripheral world, until a manic absurdity exhausts us, forcing us to collapse, because there is nowhere else to flee. Yet gladly and gracefully we collapse. We collapse into God's yearning for us, which we find at last in the beams of our own heart.

Watercolor by Marney Ward

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