Song of the Fool

What a fool am I!
Always talking about silence.
Always filling
my heart to the brim
with a marvelous zero.
Selling every thing
to purchase the diamond
of no thing.
Smiling without a reason,
passionate without a cause.
I long to tell you
the priceless secret
that loses all its value
when not kept.
I want to give you the wealth
you already own.
This invisible sap in my stem
has no fragrance, no form,
yet galaxies swirl like pollen
at the center of my chest.
I leave the odor of gold
wherever my petals fall.
The more I perish
and melt away,
the more lovely and singular
my soul.
I am a crystal of snow
in the palm of your hand.
I am wings in a cocoon
flying through the nectar
of imagination.
I am the stillborn tear
held in half-closed eyelids
between Winter and Spring.
I am the trembling seed
of Imbolc.

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