Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Only 1% of our genes come from our parents, and most of that we share with a host of animals. The other 99% are microbes. Human bodies are gossamer veils covering vast microbial colonies. And our elements were forged in the hearth of galaxies before the earth was born.
What of our race? Geneticists have all the evidence to prove that, for over ten thousand years, human genes poured into Africa from other continents, and for over ten thousand years, human genes poured into Europe from other continents, including Africa. There is no indigenous white race or black race. Or any other separate race.  

Biologically, race does not exist. It is a political construct invented by the ego-mind that loves separateness. We are richer than this. As the ancient Upanishads declare, "Vasudhaiva kutumbakam: the world is one family." One earth tribe, a cosmic clan, we are all rainbows streaming with each other's colors, great grandchildren of the stars.

The task of humanity is not that every race or nation should fight for its political rights, but that every human might dissolve the ego-mind, fermenting consciousness like wine in an exquisite earthen cask – with hints of mahogany and rose, caramel and citrus, oak and apple wood. For each is a hologram, containing the images of all. Each incarnates the whole cosmos in our own unique mandala, this sacred body.

Chalk "bioluminescence mandala" by Caryn Babaian

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