God Is Not An O.B.E.


"Glorify God in your body." ~1 Cor. 6:20

God is not an out of body experience. Must this flower get out of its body to experience her own divine radiance? Of course not. The Holy Spirit uses ordinary miracles to blossom as matter on earth.

Mother Matter is God delighting in form. How much more does God revel in the light of your eyes, the curve of your lips, the roundness of your belly?

You can never be out of your body. The softest wave of your anatomy is the fabric of space itself. You touch the rim of Andromeda. You spill from every cup of swirling stars. You have no edges.

Does your body not contain every stranger, all races and nations co-mingled in the rivers of your blood? No one is excluded from the fireside gathering of your tribal heartbeat.

Your physiology entangles forests, deserts, mountains. Your pulse aligns the planets. Your breath churns the sun.

"Ano raniyan, mahato mahiyan" says the Upanishads: "one atom of the smallest is greater than the greatest." Flashing with this moment of awareness, a synapse in your brain condenses all the light of the Milky Way.

In a single photon of your flesh, c
hoir upon choir of heavenly beings stand in ranks of shimmering fire, like petals in a vast chrysanthemum.

This Sabbath morning, just for a few moments, honor the rising and falling of your chest. Glorify God in your body.

Chrysanthemum, Japan, VCG Photo

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