Turn Off This Computer Now

Never before in the history of civilization have so many been so over-informed about the sufferings of so few. This is the work of the media, who profit by spreading a mass epidemic of secondary post-traumatic stress.

Your computer monitor is a very small space. There is a much wider space around you, full of miracles, full of good news. Turn off this computer immediately and become aware of the October sunlight gently filtering through the mist, the echo of crows, the whisper of falling alder leaves.

Every golden leaf is worth more than all the coins on Wall Street. The healing in a sunbeam cures every dis-ease. But of course, I am speaking of THIS sunbeam, and not sunbeams in general, which don't exist. You will never read a study about THIS sunbeam in the Huffington Post.
The radiant ever-expanding miracle of ordinary awareness is the real news.

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