I Am My Body

New Age teachers, please stop telling me that I am not my body. I Am my body, and every atom of my body encircles countless stars.

You received this idea from Eastern sages who were deeply immersed in monastic philosophies, and you repeat it like a pain pill, because it gives you some respite from the troubled uncertainties of sensation. But it is doubtless only an idea, and not an experience.

In truth,
when I am singing, laughing, praying, or giving birth to tears, there is absolutely no difference between my soul, the dust, and vast space.

Each photon of this flesh, though instantaneous in duration, is infinite in its energy. Don't take it from me. Take it from Professor of Mathematical Physics, Paul Davies:
"We can envision a particle such as an electron as surrounded by a cloud of virtual photons which buzz around it like bees around a hive. Picture then the electron immersed in a shimmering bath of evanescent quantum energy, intense near the electron but dwindling steadily with distance. This restless seething ferment of virtual photons is, in fact, precisely the electron's  electrical field, described in quantum language...

"The energy of this photon activity surrounding an electron can be computed. The answer proves, unnervingly, to be infinite..." (The Matter Myth, Davis and Gribbin, Simon & Schuster, NY, 1992, page 242)
I am the incarnation of unboundedness, in brilliant infinitesimal bindhus that sparkle, dissolve, and burst again from the void, an eternal yet granulated continuum where no distinction actually exists between spirit and matter.

Each atom of this body awakens the cosmos to its glory. We are here on earth to manifest Divine Radiance in form. And our form in no way limits our essence. When you really need a Guru, consult your bones.

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