In Holy Dark

In holy dark
the diamond silence
of pure consciousness
becomes more radiant,
more solid
than any object
it could be conscious

A swirling flock of opposites,
wings with nothing to carry,
a galaxy of contradictions
gracefully encircling
the black hole
of no-self.

Now dear one
We are ready.
Let us make love
because we are neither
one nor two.

O holy confusion,
O erotic void,
O paramour whose
only veil
is my yearning!

Artist: Michelle McKinney


Mystic Meandering said...

I saw your previous version last night... Just as lovely as this one...
"we are neither one nor two..." Yes! That is my experience as well. In your previous version I think you said something about being the void in between? or something like that... Today - "the black hole of no-self." maybe this is the void you referred to previously. It doesn't matter really. It's all a wonderful "galaxy of contradictions" for sure :) And I love how you put words to it!

Congratulations on being invited to read your poems at the SAND conference!

AKL said...

"Is anything ever finished?" ~Michaelangelo