Shivaratri (February 21) one of the most auspicious nights of the year, celebrating the marriage of God and Goddess. This is the wedding of Shiva and Shakti: Consciousness and its own creative Energy.

For one who remains awake, this marriage happens each moment - but tonight the potency is higher. It is the union of Subject (Chit) and Object (Sat) in the bliss of every perception (Ananda). Each wave of perception brings us back to the wholeness, the stillness of the ocean, the Self.

You do not have to travel to a special destination. These nuptials take place in your chest. You get drunk sipping from a chalice of sparkling emptiness. No RSVP required: just show up.And no need to bring a gift for the Bride and Groom. Only offer your breath, then Shiva gifts you the priceless jewel of inner silence.

For some, the silence of meditation may seem like icing on the wedding cake. For others, this unfathomable silence IS the cake, and the world is the icing.

True mystical silence is the grace of the supreme Lord, and has nothing to do with control, concentration, or suppression of thought. It transcends thought, dissolving the mind in wonder.

At dawn, may the blue sky of boundless love emanate from your heart, irradiating the cosmos. Om Namah Shivaya.

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