Cosmic Human Form

"Glorify God in your body." ~1 Corinthians 6:20

Body is the fuel, Spirit is the fire, Mind is the smoke. The more efficient the burning, the less the smoke, until there is only the violet flame of the self-luminous human form, irradiating the universe with wonder.

In the final canto of his Paradisio Dante beheld, in formless divine light, the fleeting image of a Christic human body. Beyond that, his words and thoughts could proceed. This vision brought him not knowledge, but "forgetfulness," which would be better translated as "un-knowing."

Leonardo da Vinci attempted to capture this vision in his painting of the "Vetruvian Man," whose lineaments and proportions, like a human hologram, contain the principles that generate the cosmos.
So Hildegard of Bingen saw, in the blinding abyss of divine light, a human form which she called "the Blue Man," a vision she painted in one of her mandalas. Was the blue man Christ? Or Krishna? Hindu tradition always depicts Lord Krishna as blue. Though Krishna ever remains non-dual and absolute, the devotee can behold, through the eye of the heart, Krishna's transcendental human form in the sky-blue crystal void of pure consciousness.

Our human intellect cannot begin to grasp the cosmic significance of our human body. But love can.

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