The Simplest Meditation

The simplest meditation

happens when you hug

every cell of your body.

They all dissolve in one

gentle breath.

There is no other.

Consuming the thinker

in her own sacred

flesh-flame is called

the opening of the heart.

Now there is nothing left to do

but frolic with stars

and waltz with the moon

through an ever-widening

luminous swirl of compassion,

which is the space where

your darkness gives birth to the sun.

Was there a path? Ah yes,

it led you in all directions at once,

like a small blue flower

unfolding, touched
by the dewdrop of bewilderment.
Adoration is the fragrance

of your Being.

Now sing and play in the highest

world, which is this one,

where you learn to say Yes.

Yes to aloneness, to snow,

to the scarlet berry of pain.

Where you learn to behold

your face in the gaze of a stranger.

Go outdoors and play in the rain.

Play more intensely, as children do,

making it your work.

Risk amazement.

Love until there is

no other.



Mandala by St. Hildegard of Bingen, 12th C.

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