To Those Who Are Alone

To those who are alone tonight,

please understand that

we are all alone,

yet we share one beaten heart.

To be alone is our core, our

essence, yet this crystal

solitude encircles

the stars. The moon

is always full

three inches above your crown.

The sun is always rising

one inch in front

of your heart.

The wild constellations, those

enormous black animals,

roam and graze among the flowers

of your body.

Be plowed and furrowed

and sown again

until the seeds in your

numb places burst.

Find the courage to know

perfect intimacy

in aloneness.

Let your most silent question

go unanswered tonight,

like a hollow sky containing

both midnight and dawn.

If you need a friend to tell you

what will become of this world

or where your path is leading,

don't wait.

Draw near to your own lips and

listen to this breath.

We all meet here, strangers

and pilgrims.

In the cavern of a Kiss,

there are never two.

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