Your point of view and my point of view are equally "right" and equally insignificant facets in the dazzling holographic diamond of inter-radiant opposites. 
Whatever is, the opposite also is, simultaneously arising. Yet neither of these little flickers of local light is Truth. Truth is what illuminates the entire jewel. 
If we spent as much energy expanding into the Whole as we spend constricting ourselves to a point, each of us could illuminate the wide world with one silent glance, one gentle touch. 
This is the breathing of grace: to expand into wholeness, then to exhale, fall, and break into bodies, incarnating All in each photon of joy, each tear of pain, each trembling seed of beauty. It is effortless. It is not an intention but a happening. It has already happened.
As knowings, we are very very small. As Beings, we are vast beyond imagining. We include each other. This is my New Year's prayer. It has already happened.


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