Wishing You A New Year

Wishing all of you a new year. Not a happy new year, just a new one. Because if you allow time to be new each moment, you cannot help but be happy, filled with the energy of re-creation. In the coming year, let us resolve never to be more than one moment old!

For if we carry the old year into the new one, if we carry over our old stories, doubts, grievances and politics, we cannot possibly be happy. No thought, no belief, no mental content can ever make us happy.

Happiness arises when the mind doesn't cling to any name or form. Then we taste the wine of silence between our thoughts. We soar into the empty blue sky of sparkling awareness. No thing makes our mind happy, because our mind IS happiness.
Please celebrate the New Year every moment, because the mind is done with time. Have a very new year!”

Photo by my dear friend Scott Waeschle, Comet and Milky Way, Owyhee Gorge, Oregon


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