Become A Leaf

The world out there will only make you
famous and miserable.
It is the husk.
You are the golden nectar inside.
To ferment the sweetness in your silent core,
humble yourself through serving.
Do anything kind.
Become a leaf, kiss the sidewalk.
If someone with even an ember in their gaze
holds out the palm of true wanting,
give them the weightless stars.
Even better, teach them how
loss becomes healing.
At least for this moment,
remember to ache and yearn.
Whatever the question was,
the answer is to permeate the earth
with your Being.
You are a stone in the meadow
glistening and fissured with quartz,
a nurse-log full of seedlings
caressed by the Winter moon,
a chrysalis on the ash twig
throbbing in the absence of a leaf.
Your faith is green.
Your marrow is fire.
Feel every atom as a tumult of patience
awaiting the breath of the midnight Goddess
who comes
to brush her silken fur 
against your breastbone.
All I have ever wanted to share with you
is this sensation, this kiss
pressed on the luminous body
inside your body of shadows,
the tremor of Unknowing
that is your soul.

Painting by Susan Seddon Boulet

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