Easter Message from Issa (A Poem from Strangers & Pilgrims)

Savor your breath, it is my Holy Spirit:
this is the anointing of the Christ.
While still on earth, taste each photon of your flesh
as infinite light: this is my Resurrection.
Welcome all into the radiance that shines
from your chest: this is my Kingdom.
Crucify my otherness, glorify me as your Self,
for suffering is clinging
to an ever-perishing outward form.
Be risen from the tomb of the past
into the garden of this moment.
I taught this simple Gospel before entering
eternal samadhi as your very Presence.
What does it mean to say that I am risen,
ascended to the right hand of God?
It means, I have become
the silent Witness within you.
Feel my compassion as your own true nature.
Have a joyful feast, share everything.
Billions of years ago, this Easter feast began
when the Breath of Creation offered the stars,
the galaxies, garlands of galaxies, to her Beloved.
In silent worship He witnessed her whirling,
for He is the wonder and She is the dance.
In her dance, She offered you, before
you were conceived, a trembling flame
in the mirror of his love.
Who told you about “original sin?”
You were whole, you were divine, you were
a perfect oblation before the sun and moon were lit.
And still with every inhalation you are washed in beauty.
Then why did that mothering Breath make offerings:
a hyacinth, a host of stars, your embryo, a tear?
So that Love could taste the Beloved in each creature.
The cosmos is not an atonement, but a feast.
Have a joyful celebration, share everything.

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