The Holy Trinity is love falling in love with love. Originally, it ws not a theological doctrine, but an experience in the depths of contemplative prayer. The Holy Trinity reveals relationship within the absolute. Yearning that moves in the motionless. Silence that tells a secret.

Pure consciousness vibrates in waves of divine love. Through this vibration, love becomes its own object, its own Beloved, and beholds itself as an other, even though there is only One. Love embraces itself, and through that very embrace, Lover and Beloved dissolve back into the love from which they flowered. This dissolving is the joy of the Spirit. And this constant vibration of love in the heart of transcendental silence -Lover, Beloved, and the Joy of their union - is the same Trinity found in the heart of the Vedic tradition - Sat, Chit, Ananda - Being, Consciousness, Bliss.

The Holy Trinity is the hidden seed of every relationship in creation. Wherever a subject beholds an object, whenever two meet in communion, on any world, on earth or in heaven, it is but a reflection of the divine Self-relation of the Holy Trinity within the un-manifest and un-created space of the Godhead. The play of Lover and Beloved, springing out of Love, then dissolving into Love, creates those waves in divine stillness that quantum physicists call "fluctuations in the vacuum," forming virtual photons of light and virtual electrons of energy. Thus worlds are tossed out of the love-ocean, for the purpose of loving.

Every soul who is awake in wonder, marveling at the wildflower or the sound of a sparrow on Easter morning, recapitulates in the merest sense-perception the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Through these infinitesimal sacraments of the commonplace, we fall in love with the world. For the world we perceive is the expression of our yearning for ourselves. And each of our souls is but a reflection of God's yearning to meet God, through love.

I wrote a poem about this many years ago and published it in my first book, 'Wounded Bud.'

In the beginning,
the Father gazed
into the mirror of the Spirit
and saw Christ.
That mirror was the womb
of eternal silence,
for even God is mothered
by a mystery.
Then Christ gazed in the mirror
and saw You.
You too were born
of that joy!


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